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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Operation Shield for Occupation safety - more to follow

Operation SHIELD for Occupation Safety


The following is from the Operation SHIELD website:

We have ALL sat back for weeks and watched a good amount of police brutality occur. We have all sat back furious and frustrated, and with no outlet for our frustration. OcPo would like to introduce you to Operation SHIELD. Occupy Police has thought long and hard for week on our next move, and we’ve finally solidified our resolve to combat police brutality directly with Operation SHIELD. Police should expect SHIELD members to appear when police are on site, SHIELD members will act honorably, if you are an officer, you can expect, not to be attacked, cursed or yelled at, spit on, or harmed by a SHIELD member, there will be a contact number if this occurs. You can also expect SHIELD members to be interlocked together creating a barrier which separates protestors from police.

  • Operation SHIELD is a non-violent 2 phase defensive operation aimed at combating police brutality on a national level
  • Operation SHIELD Phase 1 is Operation ARMORUP
  • Operation SHIELD Phase 2 is Operation SHIELD (Active) and is briefly layed forth below
  • OP SHIELD (Active) if implemented at your occupation will be a (Warrior Class) 1-2 person barrier which surrounds protestors when a large police force is on site. Should protestors go on a march or should an encampment be raided, SHIELD members will implement OP SHIELD (Active) immediately to protect protestors.
  • Operation SHIELD will be layed out and further explained for your GA’s approval; further down on this page
  • Operation SHIELD participation and membership is open to both civilians and ex/retired police & military. Membership requirements and the SHIELD oath are layed forth further down on this page
  • Operation ARMORUP is the organizational phase of Operation SHIELD
  • Operation ARMORUP consists of the 5 Parts listed (In Order) below
  • Part 1.) Member sign up / Oath taking / Member ID # Issued
  • Part 2.) Individual GA Approval of Operation SHIELD (Active)
  • Part 3.) Members are issued shirts which define them as SHIELD members
  • Part 4.) SHIELD Members will link up at their local occupations and coordinate OP SHIELD drills as defined below (COMING)
  • Part 5.) Operation ARMORUP concludes and becomes: Operation SHIELD (Active)
  • Part 6.) See more on Phase 2: OP SHIELD (Active) below (COMING)
  • Link to Document Describing Operation SHEILD To Be Read For GA Approval COMING
  • Requirements for hosting a SHIELD Team at your Occupation listed below
  • 1.) I can provide an address for the delivery of ARMORUP/SHIELD Shirts for members
  • 2.) I will inform Occupiers at our GA that they may become SHIELD members, should they agree with the “Membership Requirements”
  • 3.) I will integrate at least 3 ARMORUP drills into our schedule, and inform both my occupation and the OcPo Secretary of the times as outlined in the “OP SHIELD Drills” section of the GA Approval Document
  • 4.)I will inform OcPo of any member that does not meet or has broken the SHIELD Membership Requirements Agreement
  • 5.)I will not interfere with SHIELD Procedures, outside of drill coordination and communication with SHIELD coordinators
  • 6.)I have familiarized myself with and made available to my Occupation the “SHIELD Member Handbook”
  • Below are a list of requirements which must be agreed with before you sign up
  • As a SHIELD Member, I am willing to be arrested for protecting protestors
  • As a SHIELD Member, I understand I may be assaulted by police while protecting protestors, and I am ok with that
  • As a SHIELD Member, I will not assault an active police officer, however I will not allow police to break the SHIELD formation
  • As a SHIELD Member, I realize that I may be called upon in the early hours of the morning, or late in the evening to participate in SHIELD and protect protestors at my Occupation, I am ok with that
  • As a SHIELD Member, I agree to participate in national OP SHIELD discussions
  • I am not an (Active) member of the United States Armed Forces
  • I am not a threat to national security
  • I will not bear arms or weapons of any kind at an “Occupy” Protest, I feel my hand to hand combat skills and/or physical strength are/is sufficient
  • I do not have a criminal record of assault and battery or any type of violent felony
  • I will remain sober during any SHIELD Operation/Procedure, and will wear my SHIELD shirt over any clothing/coat/jacket during any SHIELD Operation/Procedure
  • I am 18 years of age or older
  • I have/will familiarize myself with the “SHIELD Handbook” before participating in SHIELD
  • I speak fluent English
  • I am a citizen of the United States of America
  • I am in good physical health and am able to maintain the integrity of the SHIELD formation
  • I am willing to be recognized both Privately & Publicly as a SHIELD Member
  • I will take the SHIELD oath and register as a member

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