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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Join Vagina is not a Dirty Word FB Group | Speaking of America |

Join Vagina is not a Dirty Word FB Group | Speaking of America |

DO IT NOW - I've made this so you can EASILY copy it and paste it around on Facebook. Let's show people vigorous vaginas rule!: COPY, Paste, SHARE WIDELY!!

Check out the amazing action on the "Vagina is not a dirty word" FB group. The Phoenix IS rising. This is not just a group for *pussies* - it's for the bold and imaginative!

Since the right-wing rePUGlicans BANNED Representatives using the word(s) Vagina and Vasetomy, we are FIGHTING BACK!!

Remember my old idea of TONS of mail to stop the war - clog up the DC system? Well in that very spirit, our buddy, Jace Bolger, in Michigan is about to find out what its like to get kotex in the mail.

#vaginagate rocks!! So do #VaginaMovieTitles #VaginaMovieLines #VaginaBookTitles - which often trend No. 1 right now on twitter.

Jase Bolger has a FB account. I managed to get 10,000 people last night tweeted telling them to apply to be his FB "friend". That should keep him too busy to insult women for awhile.

The actions release the pent up 14-year olds in all sorts of progressive women - and guyz, too.
After all, the Vagina is Not a Dirty Word FB group is not just for pussies!

Everyone is invited to send Jace a card w/only the word VAGINA on it - and for the lazy, we also have an email to sign via The Daily Kos:

Jase Bolger
Speaker of the House
PO Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514

But becuz the legislature is in session: this provides where to reach him at home:
Jase Bolger
216 W Mansion Street
Marshall, MI. 49068

Pass it along! Invite your neighbors, your cats, people who won't be offended, people who WILL be offended - give it your best shot!

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