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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Press conference and rally denouncing trumped up charges against Occupy Homes activist Nick Espinosa

Press conference and rally denouncing trumped up charges against Occupy Homes activist Nick Espinosa

As defendants from the Cruz house actions move through the “justice” system, it’s imperative that we keep pressure on the city. We’re all busy and working ourselves to the bone, but if you can, take a moment to defend each other and our movements from state repression. Let’s fight these charges so we can all keep doing the work that means so much to us. There’s a few things you can do:
  • When: Wednesday, August 1, 12:30
  • Where: in front of the Hennepin County Gov’t Center
  • Who: supporters from the Occupy movement and the community at large
  • What: Nick Espinosa pretrial hearing on trumped up charges Hennepin County Government Center
Nick Espinosa has been charged with third degree riot, along with several other Occupy Homes activists. The charge is baseless. Espinosa is only guilty of trying to be his brothers’ keeper by struggling to keep banks from foreclosing on the homes of fellow human beings – many who actually have the ability to pay.
However this charge and the others are simply trumped up charges in an attempt by authorities to stifle and shut down the anti-foreclosure work of Occupy Homes. In fact, the charges are an attempt to stifle all free speech and freedom of expression.
The city of Minneapolis, while saying it is sympathetic to the work of Occupy Homes in its efforts to keep homeowners in their homes, has nevertheless employed thousands of police man hours to intervene in what is an essentially a dispute between the homeowner in this case the Cruz family and Freddie Mac who owns the property.
This young man and others should be commended for doing what the government refuses to do, which is to stand up to the bullying of the big banks, which have used all kinds of trickery and chicanery to steal homes out from under hard working people.
Continue the call in campaign and demand that:
-All charges against community members defending the Cruz family home be dropped.
-All police, including Chief Dolan, who used violence against peaceful protesters be formally disciplined.
-No more public resources be used to help banks evict our neighbors!
Please call the following people with the above demands:
Mayor R.T. Rybak (612) 673-2100
City Attorney Susan L. Segal (612) 673-3272
Deputy City Attorney Mary Ellen Heng (612) 673-2270
Thank you,
The Cruz Defenders Support Committee

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