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Monday, July 25, 2011

Some favorite 'source material' to combat common misinformation

Some favorite 'source material' to combat common misinformation

Bush tax cuts & spending is largely responsible for our debt today:http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo​.com/2011/05/chart-bush-polici


And it was 10 years ago that the big borrowing started to pay for the Bush tax cuts.  Folks were warned about the effect on the economy:  warnings that have come true today:​al/2011/07/20/273795/ten-years​-ago-bush-tax-cuts/  

Cost comparisions of Bush & Obama policies (who cost the most):​ges/2011/07/24/opinion/sunday/​24editorial_graph2.html?ref=su​nday  

On this blog is a link to the Congressional Budget Office's report on the nation's debt:​-amato/cbo-smacks-republicans-


What is not clear is why so many Congressmen don't include this information in their discussions, from their own budget office outlook.  Excellent article on what's really happening on regulatory agency funding.  Under Bush, budgets were starved but responsibilities grew and thus criticism grew.  Then Obama tried to fix it by funding them and the Republican House claimed "spending spree" (with no recognition that military spending in 2 unwarranted wars had anything to do with the budget):​/16/business/budget-cuts-to-se​c-reduce-its-effectiveness.htm​l?_r=1  

The reality of the debt by the more conservative "The Economist":​18928600?fsrc=scn%2Ftw%2Fte%2F​ar%2Fshameonthem  

A comparison; job loss under Bush vs Obama.  BTW, Bush tax cuts do NOT create jobs:​/17/road-to-recovery-is-the-re​covery-act-working/  

How about closing corporate tax loop holes?  Maybe the corporate taxes are too high, but the "effective" taxes or tax rates are not.  These 10 profitable companies paid nothing, while seniors on social security have had no cost-of-living increase for three years:​index.php/downloads/cat_view/3​7-articles?orderby=dmdate_publ​ished  

No new taxes?  Some history on Bush's turn around, and the Grover pledge:​2011/07/12/debt-ceiling-taxes-​republicans_n_895450.html  

Let's not forget that Dick Cheney said that debt didn't matter during the years of the war spending spree:​4/Dick_Cheney_Budget_+_Economy​.htm 

Conservatives like Bachmann are signing a pledge stating that black children are worse off under Obama than under slavery-- if this isn't scary, I can't help you:​/michele-bachmann-signed-pledg​e-says-black-children-worse-of​f-under-obama-than-during-slav​ery/  

FDR, 1944, Second Bill of Rights Speech:​=3EZ5bx9AyI4&feature=related  

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