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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 Alternatives to PayPal as Anonymous organises Boycott #OpPayPal

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9bitcoin.jpgAnonymous have turned to legal means to exert pressures on the websites and webservices that rouse their ire and have organised an online boycott of PayPal.
So far they claim 20,000 accounts have been deleted. It's retaliation for PayPal withdrawing the account of WikiLeaks back in 2010. Back then, they hit them with a DDoS attack, pointing out that PayPal are willing to host an account for the KuKluxKlan.
This time the Anons just want you to delete your account, and they're using their vast Twitter presence to get a movement going. Ideally using the form above. See their manifesto for #OpPayPal here. My problem is that I agree with Anonymous, but that PayPal is so damn convenient.
But if you're looking for an alternative to PayPal check out these five below, though none - yet - match PayPal for widespread presence on the internet and technical reliability. So be cautious.
1. Google CheckOut - okay, so we understand you don't want to give more of your details to Google, but this online payment system is backed by the biggest name on the web. And they do pay attention to security. They describe it as: "a faster, safer, and more convenient way to shop online"
2. PopMoney
"Popmoney doesn't let you send money through its site at all - you can use it to send money only if your bank supports the service. For payments from someone who wants to use that service through their bank, you set up a Popmoney account." [pcadvisor]
3. Amazon Payments
With another big company backing this one, Amazon Payments lets you use your stored Amazon details for shipping and payment across other sites on the web..
4. MoneyBookers 
A UK company that lets you send and receive money and attach a credit card to your account. Reviews of it have so far been positive.
5. Bitcoin - for those who want to get out of the system completely (and avoid paying tax) bitcoins is the currency of choice for digital free-thinkers. Trade in your £s, $s or Euros for bitcoins and then trade and buy stuff in the currency. Not many places accept them yet, but look out for it. 
Risks include sudden fluctuations in value.

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