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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Public Service Announcement....

Public Service Announcement....

Public Service Announcement....

by David White on Friday, October 28, 2011 at 1:33pm

This Message is intended for the eyes of all Americans and addressed to U.S Congress, all 50 state governments, and law enforcement agencies around the United States, with particular emphasis to the Oakland Police Department and Mayor Jean Quan:

In general: I am not the 99%. I am not the 1%. I am a Marine. My name is of no consequence, as we are all "one body" and selfless in identity. You need only pay attention to my abilities and motives, for their results will far outweigh any such other insignificant details, depending on the nature of your association with me.

To Congress: I am thankful for all that you've given me. In a near impossible situation, you plucked me from the depths of Hell, took me in, fed me, and showed me how to stand up straight. You spent 3 months brain washing me of any selfish ideas that would otherwise cause me to stumble. You trained me to confront my fears instantly and without so much as a conscious effort. You taught me to move forward directly against my enemy, regardless of danger. You trained me in tactics that over 235 years, have proven to win quickly and effectively 100% of the time. You spent 8 years in a cycle of pushing me to the breaking point, backing off, and then pushing harder. Therefore building a level of patience necessary to make "right" decisions that make every action count. You trained me to hate Tierney and oppression. You taught me to know my enemy and be able to pick him out of a crowd with nothing more than a short glimpse. You instilled in my heart an overwhelming desire to protect those who cannot protect themselves, as well as an insatiable urge to annihilate anything that threatens American freedom, liberty, or any American's opportunity to better themselves, speak freely, or exercise their 3 God Given rights (Life, Liberty, the pursuit of happiness). You've trained me to be able to tend to my own wounded with one hand, while simultaneously destroying my enemy with the other.You've given me the ability to accomplish this in an environment where weapons are considered luxury, regardless of terrain, and in climates ranging from -40⁰F to a scorching 140⁰F. You've given me all this and asked only that I defend the American people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Rest assured, I will do that till death takes me.

To State governments and law enforcement agencies: In general, I do not criticize your overall demeanor, nor your ability to protect and serve. As a Marine, I too understand the nature of seemingly impossible expectations and situations. I only address you to offer my advice; As these protests continue to grow everyday, your task of recognizing friend from foe gets less clear. Your ability to do this is crucial to the success of your duties. If you are not fully aware of the U.S. Constitution or your own state Constitution, I strongly advise you to study them, for they are the "stone tablets" and back bone of what you are supposed to do in any situation. Knowing them fully will bring clarity to you in your duties. Appose them and you appose me. Of all enemies to stand against, domestic enemies are my least favorite. I will appose you with remorse, but as a Marine hesitation is not my strong suit. Lastly, constant awareness of what dictates the use of force and what is excess force is second nature in your line of work. Never the less, don't stop reminding yourself of the details of that. There are orders and then there are unlawful orders. I say a prayer for you, wish you peace and wisdom, hope for your safe return to your families each night. It's up to people like you and me to make sure that "Right" happens as things escalate.

To The Oakland Police Department: I've already summed up my perspective in the above paragraph. To you, I will also add: Law enforcement is about justice and right action. You do not have to follow unlawful orders. When given them in an act against the American people, it is better to throw down your weapons and walk away. Tough decision, I know. Keep in mind your superiors have rules, you have rights, and if they were to fire or oppress you I would fight for your rights, by your side, just as quickly as those who's rights are now being violated.

To Mayor Quan: What happened in Oakland the other night was solely your responsibility and those harmed were by your own hand. I'm not sure what you're thinking, nor do I care at this point. You've just locked yourself a solid slot on my "enemy" list. As a Marine I will give you some strong advice: Think long and hard before your next decision and don't confuse your authority with my ability to over throw it.

235 years of successfully pin pointing and crushing the heart of Tierney around the globe; do you really want to push my brothers and sisters in my own back yard? Think about that.

To my Brothers: Semper Fi, I'm proud. Say a prayer for Scott.

I will close this message, reminding all that I am not the 99%. I am not the 1%. I am a Marine. Do not confuse the peace of those I defend with my ability and probability to crush those who threaten it. I am not a protester. I am a protector.

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