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Monday, October 17, 2011

#occupymn - one week later (updated)

Re: #occupy

I hope this will lead to a growing militant uncontrolled movement - that is not led into the Democratic Party elections and seems to be developing into a new international force.

Old lefties like me and the new people have yet to form a clear ideology.
Reports from all over (Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Hong Kong, et al) show that it, (occupation) goes fortunately beyond the usual suspects in those nations.

The little left sects are occupying in Mpls, but I hope to ignore them as they are subject to nonpolitical flattery - and instead see and enjoy the new activists. Some disturbing elements have been there, but will they stay and learn anything?

This are many youthful high-energy activists who know what the ISSUES TRULY are and excite me. But I don't go to see someone's "Circle of Love" or do Buddhist meditation.

We shall see how this movement proceeds with a cold winter coming, few logistical details taken into account - and what it will be like next Spring.

Since there will be no serious Democratic Party presidential primary elections, the
chances of co-option by the Democratic Party operatives will be less next Spring and perhaps by then most will have little interest in the 2012 elections and will be focused on building NEIGHBORHOOD GROUPS that can link together including in large united actions against capital and its operatives - and the presstitutes. 

Meanwhile I can pray real affinity groups on economic democracy, social media that works, ecological awareness will coalesce - ever sharpening our demands.

Who would have thought it, after the Nov. 2010 U. S. elections that with the sparks of Tunisia, Egypt, Madison - and yet so little shutdown ACTION in MN this summer that this could happen!!!

I have a (hopefully) big action for Saint Paul SOON and moveon is getting into high action mode. We don't need camp counsellors coming out to make up activities; we merely need to stay ON POINT.
I got this response from a friend occupying in DC: 
   Old lefties like me are kinda confused... The only issue I can get excited about is the war issue and that gets me plenty excited! All the rest is intellectualizing and posturing to make yourself feel good and to show how smart you are and ends up a diversion. I say the more complicated we make it, the more watered down the movement gets and we lose the force and fire and the strength in our hearts that we must demonstrate to prevail.. I have been feeling lackluster these past three-four days and I finally figured out why. All the passivity is boring! I want to run through the streets with a drum and banner cadre, moving double time to the beating drum. I want to strike fear, to appear and then vanish. I want impromtu demonstrations blocking streets at rush hour then leaving before the pigs get us. This ain't no game. it is serious business. Occupation D.C. in Freedom Plaza has done excellent work but more on the diplomatic level. I will to step it up on the emotional and psychic level and so I will. If it pleases the cosmic, so I will.
And I could not resist from replying:  

My friend- - with a few excellent exceptions, I cannot even hold a discussion of this caliber w/most of the MN "occupiers" - you're a regular and know my aim is to bring people to a higher level of knowledge about economics mostly and celebrate empathic human values. (I did my "time" as healer and got over it and the kind of People Pleasing to be more hipster/New Age rather than anti-corporate is making me ill.) I am not into symbolically holding an action to protect "transparent" tents. I want to watch Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Raytheon, Lockhead, the Kochs, the lobbyists eat shit, instead of me and the rest of humanity. I want to avoid addiction to excitement and adreline rushes. Solidarity based on REAL vaues, not pics for media ops. I see an awful lot of mic hogging and few real symbolic anti--System photos so far. A sort of infantile infatuation with a new kind of authoritarianISM ha emerged, an anti-intellectualISM I cannot stomache. I sort of feared the Kevin Zeese organizing methodology, it left me cold at first. Now, however I am seeing what a few brains can do to get focus.

What Cornell West did is absolutely awesome, symbolically. THis junta of five is, indeed, the Real Enemy along w/their cohorts the Chamber of Commerce and anyone who takes their ca$h. The whole addictive corporate/ruling elite delusionary system is hard to bust.l This addiction to stuff, property, prestige and privileged life style of the West (now bitting the dust) is part of The System. Its emotionalISM is part of the adrenalated call of the addictive system engendered by capitalISM itself. 

 How to fight back? I am not sure of The Answer, but I do know the question. Maybe the next few months of "occupation" will provide an answer but I think "getting on the page" and knowing what rattles your cage is the absolute first step. It's NOT fighting the cops for lack of "something better to do" - or a Camp Counsellor facilitator who keeps you busy, busy, busy w/2nd grade art projects. I still strongly believe it's the women like myself of the "old" left ilk who are vocal and outraged who should be leading .. and singing our way into a better future. I adore the Latvia/Lithuanian women who brought down the USSR by seizing the media and making tons and tons of noise against a totally dysfunctional syste that produce Chernobyl. 

Someone made a remark on a thread that resonated and echoes your sentiment about feeling lacklustre. The person said that our MN occupiers did great demos - if you are into standing still demos. (the SEIU showed how poweful we CAN be when fighting The System.) Here, they don't even have outreach flyers! Only a handful hold the megaphones and have access to the livestream chat line where they discuss pizza and how sexy various "leaders" are. I ask myself - why risk indictment for THAT. 

No! No! No! i want actions that make the Supremes sleepless at night, the Kochs terrified of going to the Four Seasons for dinner, Obama ashamed at every single $26,000 pancake breakfast, the banks going broke as accounts are withdrawn . . . I want the damn addiction to TV and sports exposed as unsatisfying addictions. And I don't want a new codependent occupation delusion taking over. I want decentralization and an end to worker exploitation. Can this movement get there? Can WE get more dependent on VALUES inspiring it than emotion or the proper list of "demands" ?. I think the Nazis won in Germany due to shit values. They (the middle/working class) feared crime and chaos and becuz they did, they got even MORE of it. the insane ran the asylum. 

Here we fight old stale "utopian" values and resist process which is tedious sometimes but rewarding in the end as it produces stability (not addiction to a resistance to change) and a sense of safety - ultimately providing the bedrock for real creativity. MurKans so fear looking at the real lack of safety here engendered by Shock CapitalISM. Terrorists aren't the problem - but failure to look at how much that technique cost us in the past decade or more. Fear HAS worked for "The Bosses" - time now for courage, which is an inside job. Provoking police - as inexperienced politicos are trying to make us believe the past few days is the mark of the rebel is really an immature REACTION position. I will write more about the need to talk long and loud about foreclosure, homelessness, huge bank profits being made off the poor, cuts to disability,covert sexism and racism, ecodamage, fucked water - the entire klusterfuck in fact - in upcoming days I am sure. These and more, much more are the End product$ of an addictive financial "system." 

But right now I am interested in what VALUES are we demonstrating and communicating to those who are still in the trance who might join us IF we showed all the things in our hearts, not just sentimental rhetoric and mislead "actions" that don't communicate VALUES. And THAT is, indeed, serious business cuz the Kochs, the Clintoni$ta$, the bank$ter$ behind Obomber, the K Street flesh merchants of the Death Culture do not want it coming to the fore .. I think much stinky, horrible stuff lays ahead the more we get across where/when our hearts and minds and HONEST emotions are clear. 

Friend, we are after the same damn joy - the joy of resistance that leads to enrapturing EMPOWERMENT. We should not settle for less. Being one of the 99% ain't enough for me. I wanna be in the 99% who Make a Difference by outsmarting, out flanking, out planning and out loving that elitist hog sty at the top who stole OUR money!

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