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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Something IS happening! Mass murderers out! Now!

BULLETIN ITEM: Something Is Happening Here & You Do Know What It Is, Don't You My Friends

MWM: We are at about parallel with the Berkeley Free Speech Movement 1964 and the civil rights marches of that era. The scope, depth, magnitude, bredth, and intensity and any other linear measure you want to apply, is several magnitudes of order over that time. Watch the decade of 1964-1973 changes and activities form a spiral compression during the next 18 months which will unhinge a lot of minds. The rising flood waters of mass change in most nations will swamp N.A. into paralytic stalemate of the old order as the Anglo-Yiddish aristocracy crumbles and disintegrates before the obstinate refusal of the world to put on the Globalist's Feudal Yoke.

Part of the mass change must be a mass shift in semantics, of labels, as Clif High would agree.
Another way of saying it, we must take the masks and the gloves off. Bare knuckle nitty gritty.

Between you, me, and the 99%, let's start with McCain. No better example exists. McCain is not a politician, he is a mass murderer running amok with a gang of mass murderers, formally know as neo-cons, zionists, or politicians. Every time they talk about "a do" on Syria, Iran, etc., refer to it as a mass murderer conniving his pals to go on another spree. That's our nitty gritty reality, shorn of all the pretenses, gangster etiquitte, and social codetalk. By extension then, anybody who claims we need to be involved in foreign wars and operations (to fight terrorism) should be immediately labeled a mass murderer and shouted off all public stages.

We absolutely must cast out and away all the mass murderers who are running rampant through our nation and community. That is the number one social imperative.


Please take this and share it widely in all forums. It is extremely important to develop social memes like this to ward off the evil spells (tv hypnotic repetition programming) which have been cast by Wizards through the Warcast Mass Media.

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please share with everyone, including your leaders. This video is meant to be a warning to our leaders


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