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Thursday, July 14, 2011

CALL out ALEC members in MN Leg NOW (or YOUR state)

NEXT STEP - FIGHT BACK! #liteson - lites on ALEC

CALL out ALEC members in MN Legislature

The American Legislative Exchange Council is responsible for the MN shutdown crisis. This is an organization dedicated to (to put it delicately) keeping the rich rich and the corporatocracy going. In other words, stealing from those of us on the bottom!!  It’s a merger of corporations and legislators that masquerades as a “charity.”  It is getting more widespread exposure than ever before, as many of the model pieces of legislation have been released by a whistleblower.  The right wing Koch brothers and about 300 corporations are involved.  The Center for Media and Democracy has many great links and information.
We know that the Minnesota ALEC chair for MN is Mary Liffmeyer.  Her phone number is - Mary Kiffmeyer (R), 1-800-920-5875.

And we know about these members being spotted at an ALEC "DO" in Minnesota March 4th at Bandana Square:
Rep. Matt Dean, co-coordinator (52B – Dellwood)p W651-296-3018
Sen. Warren Limmer (32 – Maple Grove) W 651-296-2159 H 763-493-9646
Sen. Gen Olson (33 – Minnetrista) W651 296-1282 H952-472-3306

The following are admitted ALEC members in Minnesota; (some 36 others are listed but maybe someone paid their membership . and that would prove very interesting, eh?)
Sen. Mike Parry (R) - 651 296 9457
Sen. John Sterling Howe (R) 651 296 4264, (c) 651 278 4693
Sen. Chris Gerlach (R) 651 296 4120 (majority whip)
Rep. Paul Anderson (R) 651 296 4317 (h) 320 239 2726
Rep. Mike Benson (R) 651 296 4378, (h) 507 993 1250
Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R) 651 296 2273, (h) 507 843 3711
Rep. Sondra Erickson (R) 651 296 6746
Rep. Joyce Peppin (R) 651 296 7806 (h) 763 428 4626
Rep. Linda Runbeck (R) 651 296 2907 (h) 763 784 8822
Rep. Ron Shimanski (R) 651 296 1534, (h) 320 0112
Rep.. Kurt Zellers (R) 651 296-5502

plus many freshmen legislators.
Notice any pattern? Kind of contradicts ALEC's claim to be bi-partisan.   We would "guess" the following are also members: Amy Koch, Geoff Michel, maybe Tony Sutton himself. How about Abeler, Hann? Garofalo? (1) Pick up the phone one and call.  (2) IF you're unable to reach your chosen ALEC member immediately, wait a few minutes or hours & try again.  (3) BE POLITE! BE POLITE! BE POLITE!  (4) Instead of attempting to change the mind of the person picking up the phone just employ a SIMPLE message:

"Stop threatening the future economic health of the people of Minnesota by refusing to tax the rich."
"I think the health of Minnesotans comes before politics"
"This country was built on compromise, STOP being an obstructionist & do the j-o-b voters elected you to do. Fulfill your oath of office. Represent the citizens not the corporations and the rich."
"Driving the CHILDREN, the poor, the disabled, veterans, students, seniors off a financial cliff in order to WIN a victory against Mark Dayton and the citizens is UNACCEPTABLE & WRONG."
“Next election you are gone.”

A rant against ALEC&Co by USuncut Minnesota on Shutdown day:​ch?v=RiqBuTRMsvI&feature=f​eedf
POST SHUTDOWN action against ALEC:

And how about the MN corporate sponsors ? We need to call out Cargill and other companies eventually, too.
They want to gut our State and our resources as quickly - and as cheaply - as they possibly can. Graft is at new heights in Minnesota. And who is hurt in the process matters not one whit to them. I have posted on ALEC abuse at for months - and it's easy to subscribe.

Write and ASK your legislators - are YOU in ALEC? Did you use taxpayer money to go to the events? Are you ever ashamed of your greed and politicking when ALEC policies hurt REAL people? Ask your DFL legislators why they say NOTHING about this when they know what is up.  It is important to realize that these ALEC "folks" caused and will continue to aggravate trauma and hardship for THOUSANDS of Minnesotans – particularly CHILDREN who don’t vote. They should all be RECALLED. Besides the lobbying money and perk$ they've taken, most accepted salaries during the shutdown. They do NOT pay tax on campaign funds, although we think that is INCOME. They stole democracy in our State -- and are aligned w/members probably in YOUR state.

Now it is up to us, We the People, to defeat them and their puppets as the media and politicos seem intent to play scared and not confront the real problem - a very deeply entrenched Conservative agenda in America's State houses.

Tweet this !! Like this!! Share this!! It's up to US. Boycott Koch products!!

Don’t let ALEC members get relelected.
Write the media and ask why they don't cover this important story.  #MNrecallGOP
 statute to recall MN ALEC members                Facebook US Uncut Minnesota           twitter: USuncutMN​and-dirty/tracking-alec-mo​del-legislation-through-re​al-legislatures


See also, among many fine links:​rticle/161973/alec-exposed​-koch-connection​rent/2011/07/13/center_for​_media_and_democracy_drops

This website, from Center for Media and Democracy, reveals great information about ALEC and some of their members. ALEC is an underhanded way for the corporations to undermine democracy without anyone knowing about it.
The Center for Media and Democracy has EXPOSED over 800 "model" bills and resolutions secretly voted on by corporations and politicians through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
Tweet this !! Like this!! Share this!! It's up to US. Boycott Koch products!!
Remember 1929 - and the DELUSION of the Middle east potentates that revolution couldn't happen there; it CAN happen here if the rich take our country !!

MN statute to recall MN ALEC members:


  1. Thanx to share with us such a good article

  2. Wonderful article and resources!

    Additional ACTION items:

    1. ALEC Politicians--Find Out Who's in ALEC!

    2. Contact your Senators and Representatives. If they are on the list of ALEC politicians, confront them and work to defeat them in the next election. Spread the word in the media that they are on the ALEC politician list. Contact your legislators here:

    3. Tell Corporations To Dump ALEC!

    4. Join the protest marches if you can.

    Protests Planned for ALEC Annual Meeting in New Orleans August 5th

    Fight corporate greed! March to the Marriott! August 5

    5. Send Letters to the Editor of your local and national Newspapers. Ask them why they aren’t reporting about this on the front pages of their newspapers. Locate media contact information here:

    6. Spread information about ALEC everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, blogs, social media sites, etc

    7. If you have a website or blog, add links to ALEC EXPOSED: