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Thursday, August 11, 2011

MOVEON Pickets Erik Paulsen's Office, AGAIN

In the shadow of  local banks, Target and a local veggie stand, Moveon volunteers, for the second time in several weeks, took the time to picket Erik Paulsen's office.

Where was the local media? Eden Prairie News, Eden Prairie Sun?  We didn't see them.

Why is Paulsen a target?

He is a member of ALEC and the Chamber of Commerce, two organizations that falsely claim to be non-partisan, financially supporting almost exclusively Republicans. Rep. Paulsen has avoided contact with progressive members of his district in the past, refusing to meet and holding “public” meetings only in the most remote areas of the district where the fewest live according to US Uncut at this URL:

Rep Erik Paulsen tied to controversial corporate group ALEC-

Paulsen's financial backers, a who's who of corporations, is surely a reflection on Paulsen's abysmal voting record. Vote Smart reflects his illogical, pro-life/anti-life, but pro-business positions.

Keep the baby, but make sure his or her food isn't safe, definitely don't consider education funding so he or she can go to a public school, make it harder to get a college education and by all means make his or her working standards and pay like those of a 3rd world country..

The list doesn't end here, but you get the idea..

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