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Monday, August 15, 2011

DO IT NOW DOSSIER: Let Facebook know we are FED UP !! email, call, share this

Facebook's spam filtering system is affecting the everyday user. Bans for adding too many friends. Bans for sharing info with like minded individuals. Political speech is being hindered. Animal rescue groups are unable to share information to provide pets with homes. Military groups are unable to share information. Christian and other religious groups are unable to use Facebook to worship.

Time to let Facebook know this is unacceptable. You can reach Facebook by:

Phone (650)543-4800

Sample Script

Hi my name is ______,

I am calling/writing in regards to Facebooks recent change in spam filtering procedures. While it is nice that Facebook cares about controlling unwanted spam. The measures that have been taken are impeding the every day user.

So, please:

* Undo the draconian 15-day posting suspensions for sharing news articles with the welcoming walls of like-minded community pages.
* Adopt a more lenient policy for how often users can post articles to other community pages before being labeled as a spammer.
* Consider investigating users who frequently report content as spam/abuse. Realistically, people should only rarely have the need to report spam/abuse on someone else’s community page.
* Set spam triggers for posting to community pages based on whether a significant number of page administrators label content as spam, not based on reports from random visitors to the page who might be gaming the system.
* Audit the content that Facebook employees ban. If, as you say, someone is reviewing the content I’ve linked to here to decide whether it meets community standards and then ruling to ban it, there’s a good case that they are doing so for political motives.

Thank you. and have a nice day.

Check out for more info at the links below.​tes/toni-harmon/the-banish​ed/263620193650292


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