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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Macro and Other Market Musings: It's Getting Ugly

Macro and Other Market Musings: It's Getting Ugly

Good points and EXCELLENT, honest commentary.

As I say that 0.01% top percentage is making backroom deals all the time.

The securities are - well - toast and then it's the bond market.

How much do you think the Kochs have salted away, eh?

And I agree w/the Ron Paul assessment. Yes, I do. He ain't that smart or he would have given up on the idiocy of the Austrian school of economics loooooooooong ago. It rests too on the assumption that resources are infinite.

Reality: resources are FINITE. Forget what they taught you in Economics 101 and the biz pages of newspapers. They're written for that 20% who can still invest to be ripped off by the Big Boyz.

The comment by Anonymous is my economic matrix, but well put - unlike my shady comments.

JP Koning said...

If we're in the midst of a money demand black hole, how come the price of the international medium of exchange (the USD) has fallen over the last few weeks?


Anonymous said...

Because it hasn't spread global yet.

Yes, Friedman would have flunked Bernanke for his performance, that said, the FED can't print anything. Either you get that or not ecb. You have spammed enough boards with your ignorance. The FED is nothing more a overseer for the private banking cartel that began in the 1870's.

It can move assets(QE) and Friedman knew if you moved enough assets at one time in a distinct area of economic production, you can move the economy. The Fed does little moves to give business enough hope, but not enough for lasting effect, then deflation starts taking hold again, then a little more move, then deflation get the picture.

FWIW, which is the point of international corporate backer Rick Perry and the more "instense" pseudo-intellectuals like Ron Paul. They want a massive wealth transfer by destroying the US economy to global creditors. Is it any little surprise Koch's(Dupont) secretly met with the Li's in China last spring?

There is a fight among the elite if they should liquidate and confiscate all of it now("libertarian" "Duponts") or continue the small steps(Astor, Bundy). The FED can slow down the wealth transfer through QE and other mechanisms, but only to a point. Targeting NGDP like alot of monetary types want, would actually hurt the elite's plans.

The S/P mess may be a prick however, to the conspiracy as we find out the "housing bubble" wasn't "animal spirits" afterall, but a real attempt to destroy the US economy by making the overleveraged to a point of no return. I always thought the mid-03-mid 05 runup was bizzare, now we know where the real big bunch came from domestic and foreign considering the malinvestment was was quite noticeable, as they say a little too noticeable.

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