The Snyder administration is, in effect, asking the Republican-controlled Michigan Supreme Court to subvert the normal judicial process to prevent them from having to face a loss. This is why it is so imperative that this effort be done in tandem with the petition drive to put this before the voters as a referendum. In Snyder's request he says this:
I recognize the significance of seeking a bypass to this Court as provided by MCR 7.305, and only request this Court's involvement after careful consideration of the urgency and importance of the issues presented here. I do not anticipate additional review requests in the immediate future and sincerely appreciate the Court's granting of review in accord with my previous request regarding the issues related to the exemption for retirement income.
Two things here: first, Snyder knows damn well and admits that this is a HIGHLY unusual and "significant" request. It is, in fact, a subversion of the justice system to protect his administration from scrutiny and having to deal with the impact of their unconsititutional and undemocratic overreach in our state.

Second, this is the second time this summer that Snyder has run to the Supreme Court to head off any opposition. In June, he did the same thing, asking the Court to weigh in on his budget's taxing of retirement pensions for the first time. You have to wonder if the Supreme Court justices, even as Republican as many of them are, will start to see this for what it is: a governor who is trying to game the system and use them as a way to grease the skids and shield him from any opposition.

This is all simply a very obvious indication that the Snyder administration knows they have gone too far. This desperate attempt to subvert the system to avoid legal scrutiny is clear evidence of that. Even if they are successful in this effort, and I will be very surprised if they are, they will still face the voters when the Emergency Manager law appears on the ballot. They may be able to run from this issue for a time but, eventually, it will catch up with them.

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