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Friday, March 30, 2012

Livable4All quicklinks

2012 May 3-5 Toronto - BIEN Congress
See BIEN blog for International Basic Income News
Alberto Cottica - Basic Income as Innovation Policy - Feb. 2012
Basic Income - An Idea to Bring Stability to our Economies - Dec.2011 
Germany - Pirate Party with Basic Income Platform wins 15 seats - Dec.2011
A Basic Income Grant for paupers and vagabonds - NZ Dec.2011
Policy Options Article on Manitoba Mincome pilot project Sept 2011
A Town With No Poverty - 2011
Latin America: Income Security For AllCanadian Senator Hugh Segal on Poverty and guaranteed income (youtube)
The Economics of PROUT (video 2011)
Technological Unemployment - 2011
Through the eyes of a benefit advisor (UK)- 2011
Economic Growth Won't Save Us (IE) - 2011
What is Money - Podcast 2011
Occupy Wall Street Forum on Basic Income - 2011
BINews - OWS sparks BIG Interest -2011
RB Blog - Parsing the Data and Ideology 'we are the 99%'-2011
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocates guaranteed income
in his 
1968 book Chaos or Community.
Audio of MLK's speech on youtube -
Getting paid in our Jobless Future - James Hughes 2003
Embrace the End of Work - James Hughes 2004 The Coming Swarm Economy - Rick Falkvinge - 2011Feeding the World is Easy - Colin Tudge (audio)Economic Foundations and Environmental Progress (video 2010)Is the Financial System One Giant Pyramid Scheme? - 2010Bailout for the People Richard C. Cook - 2009Extraordinary Discourse - weekly podcast 2011Separating Survival from Work - Jim Smith 1996In Praise of Idleness - Bertrand Russell 1932
Operation Basic Income - Anonymous 2011
Anxiety Culture 
Livable4All Channel on Youtube
Around the World
ScotlandThe Future of Social Security Policy: Women, Work and
A Citizens Basic Income
(book on Basic Income by Ailsa McKay)
Pirate Party & Basic Income - 2011
Make way for the Pirates - 2011

German translation of Martin Luther King Jr.
on Guaranteed Annual Income
European Anti-Poverty Network
(guaranteed adequate minimum income)
European Union - GLI

Technological Unemployment - 2011
Robotic Nation - Marshal Brain Manna - Marshal Brain Getting paid in our Jobless Future - James Hughes
Embrace the End of Work - James Hughes

Thinking Out Loud (basic income in last paragraph)

Helen Keller: Put your husband in the kitchen 1932
"is it too much to expect that our ingenuity can reorganize our economic system
to take advantage of the machines which we have created?...
if [men] are unable to accomplish the task, we women shall have to send them
into the kitchen for a few lessons in common-sense economics."
See also articles section 

The World Owes You a Living - 6 CD audio collage challenging the work ethic and the harm that it has caused and advocating guaranteed income.


Interviews with Jacque Fresco (Future by Design)
Green Party Leader Canada -
Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Basic Income -
In Debt we Trust -
Guy Standing on Working TV
(note: even though he is a founder and co-chair of the Basic Income Earth Network, he does not directly mention basic income in his 40 min. speech)
Women and Guaranteed income
Ending Women's Poverty Forum:
Sharon Yandle in segment six, talks about guaranteed livable income. 2004
Related Topics
E.F. SchumacherThe Canadian Clearances: CBC Ideas (no longer online - PDF catalogue - Jan. 4, 06)
Challenges the idea of "productivity" and how small farmers are being pushed off the land.
Winston Churchill on Land Monopoly

Family Allowance (none) - US
South Park Episode 1303 Margaritaville
(comic lesson on banks and economics)
Jobs vs. Life

Full Enjoyment not Full Employment

"we have no desire to work a single hour producing stupid, useless junk, and that all production needs to be re-examined from the standpoint of our real needs and desires" 

Work is a Four Letter Word
 - Alan B.

Chronic Stress and Coping with Denial

The World Owes You a Living
 (A labyrinthian site full of images, poems & writings and scathing and humourous critiques of the scourge of the "job." See links, what is productiveparasites, otheressays.)

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  1. The source for the above links is the Livable4All website. This website has links, articles, objections, reports and more related to guaranteed annual income, basic income grant, citizen's dividend, guaranteed livable income, universal livable share...

    One of the more popular articles is 10 reasons why we need
    a Guaranteed Livable Income

    And just posted to the Livable4All youtube channel is a new slideshow on CRAPITALISM (iatrogenic vs. livable economics)