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We Are The 99% event

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

226demo media release

Hi there,

I wanted to alert you to our presence- the Minnesota chapter of the US Uncut movement, itself a part of the global Uncut group started in the UK.  
If you are unfamiliar with it, we are a group of citizens, worldwide, who are standing up to demand the end of corporate malfeasance and tax evasion.  For too long have businesses enjoyed the monies spent by the working people, have utilized the infrastructure of our cities, while gaming the tax system so that massive corporations pay less taxes than the average Hawaiian citizen.
We understand that corporate bylaws require maximizing shareholder value, and that accounting regulations allow such paper and number shuffling to be legal.  We will not rest until these loopholes are closed, until back taxes are paid, and until our economies and social services are fully accounted for via the proper tax contribution of all involved citizens and corporations.
This helps outline what we believe

and those continued 'Bail-Ins' will continue every weekend, as the movement grows.

We are holding the first such public statement and call to action this Saturday, starting at 11:00 am.  We are organizing at the Midway Super Target, 1300 University West, St. Paul – and probably moving onto the MN State Capitol where others will be converging with solidarity demonstration.  Target should be paying its fair share of tax, but has 8 offshore subsidiaries to avoid fair taxation.

We will be focusing our attention on our St. Paul Midway Super Target, in a show of solidarity with all the US chapters of Uncut.  It is important to close Minnesota’s tax loopholes. 

Last year, Bank of America received over $45 BILLION in bail-out money, and yet paid less in taxes than any one citizen.  The list of malfeasance is growing, and it is quite clear where the money to fund essential services and social safety nets are at.   Here is a video of US Uncut in action in Maui:

Minnesota citizens are already active, and will join us this Saturday.  We hope your news teams can cover and report on this important and growing public action.  Our facebook group is US Uncut MN – check it out, decide for yourself.

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