USuncutMN says: Tax the corporations! Tax the rich! Stop the cuts, fight for social justice for all. Standing in solidarity with and other Uncutters worldwide. FIGHT for a Foreclosure Moratorium! Foreclosure = homelessness. Resist the American Legislative Exchange Council, Grover Norquist and Citizen's United. #Austerity for the wheeler dealers, NOT the people.

We Are The 99% event

USuncutMN supports #occupyWallStreet, #occupyDC, the XL Pipeline resistance Yes, We, the People, are going to put democracy in all its forms up front and center. Open mic, diversity, nonviolent tactics .. Social media, economic democracy, repeal Citizen's United, single-payer healthcare, State Bank, Operation Feed the Homeless, anti-racism, homophobia, sexISM, war budgetting, lack of transparency, et al. Once we identify who we are and what we've lost, We can move forward.

Friday, February 25, 2011



Posted on Thu Feb 24th 2011, 7:40am UTC

Saturday is two days away.

This Saturday 2/26, US Uncut activists in approximately 50 major U.S. cities will stand in solidarity with our friends in UK Uncut to demand that corporate tax dodgers pay their fair share of taxes, just like we do.

(Are you ready? If not, feel free to read our "What to do" blog post for details on how to plan an action your community.)

Here’s what to say to the Press, the Police, and to People who disagree. (Just to be clear, these aren't verbatim orders from anyone, but rather suggestions for anyone who needs guidance.


WHO/WHAT is US Uncut?

US Uncut is a grassroots movement organized solely through word of mouth and social media that protests the fact that corporations aren't paying their fair share in taxes, which leads to cuts in valuable public services.

WHY are you targeting FED EX and corporations?

If FED EX alone paid their taxes, we could ‘uncut’ alot of the cuts to early childhood education (Pell Grants).

WHERE did you get this idea?

US Uncut is inspired by an article that appeared in The Nation magazine about UK Uncut, a nationwide grassroots movement in Europe that protests corporate tax dodgers and unnecessary budget cuts. The article was called “How to Build a Progressive Tea Party.”

SUMMARIZE US Uncut's cause in 30 seconds.

Before you fire one more teacher, before one more police officer gets handed a pink slip, before one more firefighter has to depend on food stamps to keep her family fed, let's make sure the richest of the rich play by the rules and pay their fair share, just like everyone else.


(REMEMBER: Police Officers & Bank Tellers are not your enemies here, and Video Cameras are your best friend. Never touch a Police Officer or get physically aggressive.)

POLICE. So what the hell are you folks doing?

YOU. Hello OFFICER, first of all, I know you are just doing your job, and we're all completely willing to follow your instructions. Second, this is a nonviolent, creative protest of corporate tax dodgers (like Bank of America) because their tax avoidance creates cuts in vital public services like public safety.

POLICE. Well, we were called here because FED EX says you're trespassing on private property. So you gotta go.

YOU. Okay, OFFICER, we understand and will comply with your instructions. Before we leave, may I briefly explain how this bank's corporate tax dodging impacts you?

POLICE. You've got 30 seconds.

YOU. OFFICER, we're on your side, here. I know you've heard about the budget cuts, due to low tax revenue, that threaten our children's future, and the jobs of teachers, firefighters and police officers like yourself, right?

POLICE. Right.

YOU. OFFICER, we want you to do your job. But as long as corporations like Bank of America don’t pay their fair share in taxes, we’re going to continue to see cuts in School budgets & Police Officers.

POLICE. Well, as much as I may agree with you, I've still gotta make you leave.

YOU. Okay, OFFICER, that’s fine. We have made our point and will go peacefully. Thank you for doing your job, OFFICER.




OPPOSITION. "What are you lefties rabble-rousing about this time?"

YOU. "All we're asking is for FED EX to pay their fair share in taxes. This is a company that made tens of billions in pure profit last year. But they don't pay their share in taxes.We work hard. We pay our taxes. Why don't they?"

OPPOSITION. "Businesses are only responsible to their shareholders. Taxing them more makes them less competitive."

YOU. "We lose out on $100 billion in corporate tax revenue every year. Big business has to learn to be responsible to the American taxpayers who make it possible for them to run an American business. If you earn income here, you should pay income taxes here. And that's why we're here."

OPPOSITION. "So these are anti-business protests, right?"

YOU. "Not at all. We're just asking that FED EX along with numerous other corporations pay their fair share in taxes so more folks keep working. I'd say lost jobs and less local spending are both anti-business, wouldn't you?"

OPPOSITION. "Why don't we just cut back on big government and help businesses get tax breaks to spur job creation?"

YOU. "How can we give a corporation more tax breaks if they don't pay taxes in the first place? (pulls a dollar from wallet) This dollar is more than the combined income tax liability of Bank of America, GE and ExxonMobil combined. That means someone's gaming the system."

OPPOSITION. "So are you saying we raise taxes on corporations to pay off our debt?"

YOU. "No, just that multi-billion dollar corporations simply pay their fair share like you and I do. FED EX made billions in profit yet avoides taxes. We work multiple jobs and pay our taxes, why aren't they paying theirs?"

Education Related Cuts - important near Macalaster ..

• Congress had proposed a $5.7 billion cut to the Pell Grant program which will directly target lower income students who want a higher education

• Congress has proposed a $1 Billion cut to the Head Start program which will directly target lower income and poverty stricken children

• Congress has proposed a $700 million cut to Title I grants which will directly target children in lower income school districts

• College tuition has risen nearly 20 percent in just two years, making higher education unaffordable, saddling students with crippling debt.

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