USuncutMN says: Tax the corporations! Tax the rich! Stop the cuts, fight for social justice for all. Standing in solidarity with and other Uncutters worldwide. FIGHT for a Foreclosure Moratorium! Foreclosure = homelessness. Resist the American Legislative Exchange Council, Grover Norquist and Citizen's United. #Austerity for the wheeler dealers, NOT the people.

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USuncutMN supports #occupyWallStreet, #occupyDC, the XL Pipeline resistance Yes, We, the People, are going to put democracy in all its forms up front and center. Open mic, diversity, nonviolent tactics .. Social media, economic democracy, repeal Citizen's United, single-payer healthcare, State Bank, Operation Feed the Homeless, anti-racism, homophobia, sexISM, war budgetting, lack of transparency, et al. Once we identify who we are and what we've lost, We can move forward.

Friday, February 25, 2011


St. Paul, Sat Feb 26th 2011

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Originally planned for Midway Super Target - BUT although Target is "guilty" of many things, tax evasion despite having offshore subsidiaries is NOT one of them. So the plan, taken in consultation with US Uncut (Jackson MS had the same Target) is to go visit the St. Paul Fed Ex location. Then we would move onto the Capitol to support WI workers. has organized this day of support for NOON. Since the deal has been struck, it is not certain what will happen on Saturday at the Capitol, but it would be an ideal location to look for people who will be genuinely interested in our cause.
It is only a hop, skip and a jump to get to the Capitol. Well, one bus transfer - #21 to the #16.
Directions to Grand Avenue Fed Ex.
58 Snelling Avenue - right near Macalaster College, on Grand Avenue.
Fed Ex Meanwhile WE all experience cuts to our services.
Stop the cuts! Tax the rich! STOP CORPORATE TAX EVASION!
If your services are affected by tax cuts or you face job loss, do you think Federal Express should be avoiding its share?
- Let's educate people about tax evasion, potential and actual job cuts, cuts to services and social justice So, bring your literature, microphones, pan lids, scissors, signs, costumes, music, street theater and be part of a new international movement !
#226demo #usuncut #ukuncut #usuncutmn #canstopagoodidea
Please read the blog - for current info and for information on what to say to the press, police officers and the general public. They will also be placed on the US Uncut MN page !!
This is a nonviolent protest.
11% of all homes in the U.S. are empty – Banks will repossess 1 million homes in 2011. 3 million homes repossessed in 2007-2010. The poverty rate is higher now than any time since 1948. Childhood poverty in the U.S. is 17% and the highest of all the industrial countries.
Federal Express should pay its fair share!

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