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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Minnesota SHUTDOWN, rally and protest !!

RALLY JUNE 30:  Tax the Richest 2% to Prevent Reckless Cuts to Public Services
The Republican all-cuts budget is the wrong choice for Minnesota.
It protects the richest 2% and large corporations at the expense of everybody else... 

Working Minnesotans: It will slash 30,000 public and private sector jobs when 200,000 Minnesotans are already unemployed. 
The Middle Class: It will increase property taxes on homeowners, renters and small businesses by more than $1.4 billion over the next four years. 
Safe Communities: It will reduce supervision for offenders on probation, and cut support for battered women and crime victims. 
Students: It will slash public colleges and universities by $411 million when more students need an affordable education to succeed in a tough economy.  
Seniors: It will hit seniors hard with higher property taxes, and slash their critical transit services and health care. 
The Sick, Disabled and Vulnerable: It will take away health care from 140,000 Minnesotans and eliminate crisis support  for 20,000 disabled adults in poverty. 
Call your state legislators:   1-855-508-6472 
Free call: just punch in your zip code to speak to your legislator.  Tell them to tax the richest 2% to avoid a government shutdown and risky cuts to public services.

It’s time to stand up!  An injury to one, is an injury to all.

Enough is enough.  It’s time to Chop from the Top!  We will win! 
You can’t run a government that doesn’t have enough revenue coming in.

These doors close @ 5 pm, Thurs. June 30th.
When do they re-open?

FIGHT BACK!  Minnesota!

Shutdown Eve

2 pm, meet at Kellogg Park @1:30 pm

Thursday, June 30th 
3 – 7 pm
Rain or shine

Minnesota State Capitol
St. Paul

A total government shutdown is a horrendous and expensive experience.  It’s an emergency that calls for fighting
back and determination to WIN our right to not pay for the mistakes of Wall Street.  This is an assault on our rights and livelihoods and our democracy.  What happened to respect for workers?

A pink slip after you’ve worked as a proud Minnesota public employee is overwhelming.  Whatta slap!

What kind of state have we become?

Now is the time for solidarity.  Let’s teach the unkind GOP and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) what democracy, decency and generosity look like.  Please pick up your trash!

Tell your families, neighbors and friends.  We must end this shutdown quickly, so come!  Support Minnesota workers and defend those who will be hurt by cuts.

Please bring a flashlight if you can.
Remember:  All State Parks CLOSED
4th of July weekend. 

Proudly brought to you by Ad hoc Citizens’ Committee to

US Uncut Minnesota and friends, 
Email us with comments, suggestions, feedback, to help and to donate !! 
 Phone 612 492-1411
We will like, "share" and Tweet to Fight Back.  We WILL win. 


  1. This is a really well-organized effort. Great job!

  2. why is it the employed and middle /upper class is ALL that cares about here ... what about us disabled lower class under poverty level income WHO STILL PAY TAXES .. i dont want to pay for a vikings stadium .. i dont want a clothing tax as it is i barely afford shoes for the winter here .. what about us????

  3. I earn less than $11,200 per year. I pay 22.1% in taxes.

    I am outraged that, despite the statistic, the Democratic Party never mentions this when they talk about that their 3% raise on the top 2% who are currently paying roughly 7.7%. So with that raise, it's still completely unfair. Minnesota disability rates have not raised since 1986.

    Food prices are skyrocketing (even the World Bank says so) - and the food shelves are bare even now !!

    I pick up more and more medical expenses as items that I NEED are not covered.

    Yes, I will lose my State rent grant for the duration of a shutdown. My services that I need are hacked to the bone or non-existent. The job I should be doing after 25 years experience have been totally gutted and will not be covered by MA which pays for peer support specialists.

    I will never ever get out from under and it hurts really really badly.

    Independent living for the handicapped runs about $15,000 in subsidies; a nursing money bill to the State for nursing homes runs around $60,000. Why the suggestion for that by the GOP? They have a vested interested in the privatization of nursing homes. W/the current proposed cuts, those who have PCAs will have lost over 6% in services in Pawlenty. How are they to work?

    Yes the focus is truly off those of us who are tapped out already. Let's fight to get it back where it belongs!! We contribute to MN regardless of our income. We are the backbone of the voluntary sector, just for one thing.

  4. Welcome to the truth, moderates and those who want to KNOW why Minnesota is shutdown. Nothing makes us build faster than right wingers attacking us.

    Kiss! Kiss! Tom Emmer & Co !!

    Remember: We know all about American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and Grover Norquist. Check out page 3 of the Strib for 5 July.

    For others, we SUPPORT OUR GOVERNOR! Thank you Mark for helping me keep a roof over my disabled/handicapped head.