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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Federal Reserve West Creek Operations Center Eyeball

Federal Reserve West Creek Operations Center Eyeball

Federal Reserve West Creek Operations Center, 12560 West Creek Parkway, Richmond, VA
[Note: The address in Google Earth goes to a different location, perhaps as a ruse.]

The Federal Reserve West Creek Operations Center
The Federal Reserve West Creek Operations Center is located 12560 West Creek Parkway, Richmond, VA, in the heavily-wooded area. The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, the headquarters for the fifth district of the Federal Reserve system, purchased the 200,000 square foot property in 2004. It was formerly the Heilig-Meyers furniture company which built their headquarters there before they over-expanded and failed in 2000.
There is no reference to the Federal Reserve on the property. At the entrance is a black sign with white letters that reads "West Creek Operations Center." Security gates, hydraulic vehicle barriers, and guards with loaded weapons control access to the parking lot. A meticulously maintained and patrolled perimeter fence encloses the property.
The property is where most Federal Reserve Iinformation Technology (FRIT) employees are housed, managed by the Fifth District. It houses CC1, one of the three consolidated Federal Reserve data centers, the others being the CC2 East Rutherford Operations Center (EROC) in New Jersey, and the CC3 data center at the Dallas Eleventh District headquarters.
Postal mail, Fedex, and UPS are received directly at the site, but all other deliveries are processed for security screening at the Federal Reserve Warehouse at 2050 Magnolia Street in Richmond.
Information about the function and location of the property are classified by the Federal Reserve System, and employees are prohibited from discussing the site with anyone outside the organization.

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