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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#RANT_OF_THE_DAY: "They're coming after OUR Social Security


There is your Problem. They want us going around in circes, fighting for crumbs dropped from their lavish table. The Democrats refuse to LEAD the people; they drink from the trough. Little piggies after bigger pies than We have.

Now they're after our social security to keep their profitability going. Nancy Pelosi's husband has made so much money off these wars it ain't digestable and somehow we are to trust HER?

The CIA is known as "The Company" - the have pushed the corporatocracy since WWII and what a fine job they have done. Those employed by them need no social security, medicare . The media uses their talking heads to scramble, confuse and bushwhack everyone who has a penny left and yet we still are not calling them out every bloody day of our lives. Get over YOURselves.

Realize that this is not left/right, dems/repugs, this is truly synthetic v real, health v. death, good v. evil. They're playing for keeps - generating and running their dynasties. Clintons, Bushes, Gores, Cheneys, Windsors, Reichs, Immeldts . the list is long but not long enough to include YOU in it. They'll let in some nice "colored" people once in a while, keeps it fun for them. But the truth is these are horrible people driven by a GREED agenda, even in their families of origin. We might win as there are more of us than there are of THEM, but we don't see ourselves as WE.


Ask yourself: What am I doing to combat that?

As JE points out - Why is income above $106,800 exempt from FICA tax?  Why do the President and the CONgress think it is right to make people with disabilities and the elderly suffer to maintain a loophole for the RICH?  Why do i pay 22.1% tax in MN  (AND SOON TO GO UP) WHEN 6 BILLIONAIRES PAY 7.7 - 8.8% TAX???

How do we ban together to make the rich pay their fair share for social security and Medicare?  Or do you think "IT COULDN'T HAPPEN TO ME?"  We are all - young, old, veterans, public workers, corporate slaves, natives, people of color, whites, men, women - one accident or trauma away from total disaster.

WHO will build a new social safety net after Grover Norquist&minions, American Legislative Exchange Council, the Koch brotherS, Pete Peterson and the religious right are through destroying it?

Will it be YOU?  Do you think I can do this on my own?  Guess not.

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