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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tell your Senator: Tax millionaires and billionaires.: S1323

It's Harry Reid's posturing, but you may wish to sign !!

Remember - this is NOT the People's Budget, but it's a bandaid ..

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  1. Senator Harry Reid, please tell Congress to raise the debt ceiling by August 2nd to avoid another serious catastrophe that will ruin America and the future of many Americans young and old. Also please tell Congress to tax the wealthy and make them suffer! The middle class and poor have suffered enough the last 11 years now it's the millionaire's and billionaires turn! I say fair is fair! Also tell Governor Corbett to stop hurting the children by cutting into their school programs and laying off good teachers. If Corbett wants to cut something it should be his and other rich republician's salaries no raises! I'm a firm believer in fairness, education and well being of the children. Meredith F