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Friday, August 5, 2011

ADVICE TO A QUERY re investment in currencies - go to shortwave radios

    • Virginia..I just found out that I have about $4200 in a deferred comp plan I didn't realise I had. I have been unemployed since Feb, and had cashed out my retirement also recently. Last week I had them put the money in a "money market". I am tempted to get the money out as soon as possible. Do you think it would be wise?
  • a few seconds ago
    Virginia Simson
    • Yup. They are after the small fry right now. I am NOT a registered broker or adviser, remember that. What will happen is further theft from pension funds, just like last time and more "foreclosures". They will then buy up properties a dime to the dollar. There is nothing in place to stop it, thanx to Obomber and CONgress .. (remember we are dealing w/Hubert Hoover 2.0) .. The dollar is staying 'strong' but the BASKET of currencies is REAL weak the last time I looked. I would be putting my money in a SAFE credit union account if it were me. Better safe than sorry is my motto. 

      I could tell you what I would be "investing" in right now if I had dough . shortwave radios, generators - enough to sell them later on to the right people who will DEFINITELY want them. The US has already made the plans to pull the plug on the internet when the chaos ensues .. If you know some futurists and they are interested in shortwave, etc I have some damned good info on it. NOW is the time to get the shortwave license .. At least buy a good receiver to pick up broadcasts. Chin up, bro - things could be WAY worse already. Do NOT buy gold or silver, you simply do not have the right connections to make that work. I might post a link about that, in fact. People get real crazy at times like this . Godspeed.

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