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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


MY previous post on call out ALEC

This is the ALEC list we were talking about at last night's
council meeting with Common Cause's state director.  I've also included the
names and phones at the end.

RECOMMENDED ACTION:  Call those on the list today and tomorrow.  They'll be
back by the weekend, some earlier.  Please send this out to all Minnesota
MoveOn members encouraging them to call and ask where they are this week.
Encourage Rebuild The Dream partners to also participate.  A suggested
script below:

"Hi, I'm hoping to meet [Representative/Senator] [Last Name] during our
state recess this week.  What events will she be at?"

Those who inform callers they are out of state, at a "task force" meeting,
in New Orleans, or at the American Legislative Exchange Council meeting
1.  Email responses to Common Cause
2.  You can also post the results publicly via twitter as:  @CommonCauseMN
[Rep./Sen. [Name] staff confirmed in New Orleans] #ALECexposed

Common Cause will then file lawsuits against the legislators for violating
campaign finance rules.

Members and staff rarely refer to it as ALEC, chosing instead to make it
sound official with the "American" and other big words.  If you ask
specially about ALEC, the likely response is "I'm not aware of what that
is." followed by misinformation about what the legislator is actually doing,
so avoid saying ALEC during personal calls or visits.

Common Cause has a nearly complete list of Minnesota legislators here:

Primary names/phones to call (capitol/district #s), though calling all
elected officials you can in addition to these will also help discover
unknown ALEC members:
Carol McFarlane         (651) 296-5363 / (651) 429-6511
Chris Gerlach (651) 296-4120 / (952) 432-4100
Michael L. Beard        (651) 296-8872 / (952) 445-9374
Gen Olson       (651) 296-1282 / (952) 472-3306
Pat Garofalo    (651) 296-1069 / (651) 463-2112
Sondra L. Erickson      (651) 296-6746 / (763) 389-4498
Dave Thompson (651) 296-5252 / (612) 385-5950
Patricia Pariseau (retired, no numbers available)
Gretchen Hoffman        (651) 296-5655 / (218) 342-2010
Paul Anderson (651) 296-4317 / (320) 239-2726
Mary Kiffmeyer  (651) 296-4237 /      (763) 263-3876
Matt Dean       (651) 296-3018 /      (651) 429-8449
Roger C. Chamberlain (651) 296-1253
Ron Shimanski   (651) 296-1534 / (320) 327-0112
Ted Daley       (651) 297-8073 /      (651) 686-2839
Linda Runbeck   (651) 296-2907 / (763) 784-8822
Pam Myhra       (651) 296-4212 / 952.894.0544
Bruce D. Anderson (651) 296-5063 / (763) 682-1480
Connie Doepke  (651) 296-4315 / (952) 449-8696
Mike Parry      (651) 296-9457 / (507) 833-1883
Steve Drazkowski        (651) 296-2273 / (507) 843-3711

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Here is the list of MN legislators that are task force members.  It
will be released publicly in the next hour.

Encourage people to ask where their legislators are today?

Mike Dean
Common Cause Minnesota
Web site -

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