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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Economic Hostage Taking, Take Two | Crooks and Liars

Economic Hostage Taking, Take Two | Crooks and Liars

Standard and Poor's has downgraded US Treasury Bonds from AAA to AA+. They claim the downgrade is based on the GOP's refusal to raise revenues. Maybe. But I doubt it.
The first question I have is which hedge fund managers stand to profit. That's an answer I want right now. Not ten months from now. NOW. On July 25th, someone placed a ONE BILLION dollar bet that our credit rating would drop. It's time for them to be identified.
It's time for us to name those profiting from the tea party hostage takers, and know they are us. I am tired of the manipulation. The tea party is rejoicing over this. They believe they will break Medicare and Social Security by breaking the country. If ever there was a time to stand in the streets, in our communities, in our towns and call for them to be held to account.
This rant brought to you from my vacation. I will be back next week.
Tea party loosing a little steam.
"Friday, 40 percent of respondents said they held an "unfavorable" view of the movement, up from 29 percent before the debt negotiations began in April, and higher than any number since pollsters started asking the question last year. One in five respondents said they approved of the tea party, down from 26 percent a few months ago."

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The term "GOP economic wrecking crew" made me think of an acronym: GOPEWC (rhymes with OPEC), but then "Republican Economic Wrecking Crew" occurred to me: REWC - pronounced "wreck".

Ah...the advantages of being well-placed...
I wonder if Chelsea Clinton is profiting? If you don't know her employment, check her bio...
As far as I know, she's still here:
And Mark Mezvinsky, her husband... check him out:
Ed Mezvinsky, Mark's father, was a legislator and served time in jail for investment fraud.
Though they fly under the radar, these two love birds sound like people to keep an eye on. They're both closely acquainted with hedge fund shenanigans, given their careers.

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