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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Registrars O'Brien and Thigpen vs Banks | Coming Home

Registrars O'Brien and Thigpen vs Banks | Coming Home


We have got one more bankers’ guardian and this time it is the Washington Post’s editorial board. Here is their today’s opinion:

~ IT’S BEEN months since the nation learned that some of America’s biggest banks engaged in dubious practices regarding loan modifications and foreclosures, including the now notorious “robo-signing” of what were supposed to be individually vetted documents. Yet in all that time, no one has produced evidence that large numbers of homeowners who were current on their mortgages were cast out of their homes because of bank misconduct. This looks like a case of spectacular wrongdoing with hardly any victims.
How do you handle a situation like that? For the 50 state attorneys general, the answer was: Use the specter of legal liability, however vague, to extract concessions from the banks. The banks, meanwhile, would prefer to make the whole embarrassing mess go away if they can do so for less than it would cost to litigate the principle of “no harm, no foul.”And so the attorneys general — backed by the Obama administration — have been working on a settlement that would grant the banks legal immunity in return for reforms in their mortgage business and a large amount of cash to bail out underwater homeowners. The number under discussion reportedly is $20 billion from 14 large banks.But the deal may fall apart because of a squabble among the attorneys generalover how much legal immunity to give the banks, which say they need guaranteed legal “peace.” New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman has been warning that he won’t go along with any deal that keeps him from pursuing the banks for alleged securities fraud related to rotten mortgages they packaged and sold to investors. ~


On what planet does this EDITORIAL BOARD live on?! Obviously some corporate sponsored, far away land!
You said: “It’s now a habit in Washington to suggest that crooked bankers should get away with any crime short of murder.”
Don’t WP editors know that the banksters went far enough and already have a numerous suicides on their already dirty conscious…the blood is on their arms too, don’t try to give them undeserved relief! They”re smarter than that – of course they know, but it’s much easier to cover up banks’ fraud once again and give their masters the green light so they can commit more crimes in the future! But not in my kids’ future! Enough is enough!
We, the people should never stop demanding the criminal prosecution for all of those involved in ruining everything they put their hands on. We should never be asleep again, never let them to turn us into zombies again, never trust to any government agency to make any kind of deal with Wall Street; we have to work for us and our kids’ future and make our own demands! If we don’t do it now, the next financial fraud will happen soon again…as soon as we build our next American dream, THEY will come to steal it from us…


Minnesota AG: No releases for banks in the absence of thorough investigation

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