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Monday, September 19, 2011

Rage Against the System: Stephen Lendman

Rage Against the System - by Stephen Lendman

A despotic broken system needs radical fixing.

The business of America is war on humanity.

The business of Wall Street is grand theft.

The power of money in private hands defines a morally corrupted nation

The business of corporate America is exploiting nations, markets and people globally for profit.

In America, a criminal government/business conspiracy permits kleptocracy and gangsterism for personal gain.

Concentrated wealth and power more than ever are disproportionate.
Elections are rigged to keep it that way.

America's democracy is the best money can buy.

Major media scoundrels promote it.

In plain sight in Washington, bipartisan crooks wage war on personal freedoms, democratic values, and general welfare to grab all they can for themselves and corporate partners.

The public be damned. It's there to be exploited, not helped.

Corruption is the order of the day.

So is war-making - permanent state terrorism against humanity one country at a time or in multiple theaters.

Nothing too outlandish is off the table.

Rule of law standards don't apply.

Human welfare is irrelevant.

Only concentrated wealth and power matter, regardless of how many corpses and environmental destruction it takes to accumulate both.

With humanity and planet earth up for grabs.

With political Washington bought and paid for to go along with the most scandalous high crimes.

With core democratic values long ago dead and buried.

With martial law and constitutional annulment one major state-sponsored terrorist attack away.

With America long past a fit place to live in, survival depends on sustained committed activism like never before.

Angry people across the Middle East understand, putting their bodies where their principles, hopes and dreams lie. 
It's the same across Europe in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Britain, and elsewhere.

So far in America, it's been spotty and weak.

Wisconsin's the exception without success. They're still trying.

It's time for all America to erupt. How long will millions tolerate being ravaged by people sworn to serve them?

How long will they let money dictate policy?

How long will they stay quiet while America wages war on humanity, including at home?
Obama promised change but delivered betrayal. Only grassroots activism can achieve the real thing.

Too-big-to-fail banks wouldn't exist. Wall Street protests wouldn't be necessary.

Police state laws would be annulled.

People of all faiths, races, and political beliefs would be respected.

America's prison gulag would be emptied of everyone wrongfully incarcerated, at home and abroad. 
Rule of law standards would be enforced against powerful interests getting a pass.

Human and civil rights would have new meaning.

So would democracy, freedom, and an agenda promoting it globally.

Law enforcement would serve and protect, not persecute.

Socially responsible America would replace concentrated wealth and power.

Progressive fair taxation would be restored. Loopholes for the rich and corporate favorites would end.

A model America would replace one not fit to live in.

Another one is possible with enough commitment, including a viable alternative media providing real news, information and analysis for millions as their first choice.

Washington Post Coverage - the Exception Proves the Rule

On September 15, WP writer Elizabeth Flock headlined, "US Day of Rage planned for Saturday - an Arab Spring in America?" saying:
"Thousands of people across the country are planning to converge on Wall Street (against) America's 'corrupt democratic process' and the use of corporate money (to buy) American elections."

AntiSec twittered:
"Wake up. Realize the Corruption in your Government. Do something. Occupy Wall Street. Start a revolution."
"Americans it is now our time. The Tunisians did it, then the Egyptians. It is OUR time. It is OUR America."
With no idea how many would turn out Saturday or what could follow, NurseAgita in California twittered:
"I'd like to say (that to begin) to take back your freedom, all you need is to stand on the sidewalk on Sept17."
Perhaps it's a start to ignite a movement.

The Washington Post aside, America's media ignored large protests nationwide so most people know nothing about them or the potential for inspiring more.

Estimates vary, but as many as 50,000 showed up in New York, Los Angeles and other cities.
Hopefully many similar events will follow and grow too big to ignore.

However, you can bet corrupted media bosses at Fox, CNN, MSNBC and America's broadcast networks will try.

Maybe if everyone tuned them out to protest, it would ignite a second movement to put them out of business altogether for betraying the public trust.

Imagine America free from media scoundrels, especially on television.

Then imagine a better one day of rage activism can deliver if enough committed people get aboard for a better world everyone wants and deserves.

A Final Comment

Mark your calendar. October 6, 2011. 

"Stop the Machine! Create a New World!"

October marks the tenth anniversary of America's imperial war on Afghanistan, one it lost years ago but keeps waging.

It's long past time for mass activism to stand for "peace, economic justice, human rights and a healthy environment."

Beginning on October 6, the day before the Afghan war's tenth anniversary, come to Washington to ignite an American Spring.

Access the following link for more information:

Rage against imperial wars, corporate theft, political oppression, and environmental insanity.

"Stop the Machine! Create a New World!" is for everyone concerned about "injustice, militarism and environmental destruction to join in ending concentrated corporate power" and corrupted politicians serving America's super-rich alone.

Wrongfully imprisoned human rights lawyer Lynne Stewart has it right, saying:
"Agitate! Agitate! Agitate! until another world worth struggling for is gotten!
If that's not worth "agitating" for, what is?

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