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Sunday, July 10, 2011

ALEC model legislation for "union workers protection"

I. Payroll Deduction Reforms
Public Employer Payroll Deduction Policy 5Employee Rights Reform Act 6Prohibiting Payroll Deductions for Administrative Reasons 9Prohibition of Negative Check-off Act 10
II. Campaign Finance
Voluntary Contributions Act 13PaychecProtection – Contribution Disclosure Act 15PaychecProtection – Limitations on Employers and Labor Organizations 17Preventing Political Use of Workplace Representation Dues and Fees 18Prohibition on Compensation Deductions Act 19Enforce Beck Rights – Executive Order 20Resolution in Support of Reporting Requirements for Public Sector Unions 24
III. Financial Transparency
Union Financial Responsibility Act 27PoliticaFunding Reform Act 38Workers Bill Of Rights 40Entitling Public Employees Paying Dues or Fees Under A Contract With “Union Security” Certain Disclosure Rights 42Disclosure of Union Salaries 43
IV. Religious Objectors
Religious Objection 46
 V. Right to Work
Right to Work Act 49
The rest is at the link .. 

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