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Friday, September 16, 2011

FASCINATING WI Christian poll .. my!

How satisfied are you with Governor Walker's job in office?
VERY satisfied. He is doing a great job.6.10%
Somewhat satisfied. He's on the right track but needs to address more issues too.1.42%
Somewhat dissatisfied. He's ok, but I expected more.0.20%
VERY UNsatisfied. He should be recalled.92.28%

What Do You Value Most About Your Church?
Biblical Teaching, Spiritual Growth and Opportunities to Serve85.92%
Inspiring Praise and Worship Time4.23%
Friends, Fun and Fellowship1.41%
I Don't Have a Church Home8.45%

Who will you vote for in the upcoming Wisconsin recall elections?
Republican candidates80.00%
Democrat candidates15.00%
Some of each party0.00%
I do not plan to vote5.00%

Do you believe there will be a major Christian revival in the United States?
Yes, I am definitely expecting all Christians to unite and revival to come to America.20.31%
No, more people are falling away from the truth and revival is not likely.79.69%

Do you believe the price of gasoline is being artificially inflated?

How busy are you?
I am busier than ever before and have more to do in a day than I can complete.66.67%
I am just as busy as I've always been, but still have free time.16.67%
I have a little more free time than I used to, but stay as busy as I want.13.33%
I wish I were busier - I have plenty of time on my hands.3.33%

How do you feel about Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill?
I am 100% in favor of it. It is long overdue and the only way to really save jobs in Wisconsin.41.73%
We need to cut spending, but not at the expense of unions or public workers.2.16%
I think both sides need to compromise.2.88%
I am completely against Gov. Walker's plan.53.24%

What are your feelings in regard to the Internet and your Christian walk?
The internet can be a very useful tool for good, and that's how we use it.28.00%
The internet can be very dangerous, and we take steps to prevent ungodly content from entering our homes.32.00%
We sometimes struggle with spending too much time on the net, and viewing inappropriate materials.24.00%
We're under "grace" -- anything we wish to view on the internet is fine with God, no matter the content.16.00%

Do you feel we are in the 'Last Days' or the 'End Times' and that the Lord might return in our lifetimes?
Absolutely. I feel the Lord could return any day now.20.73%
Maybe not in our lifetimes, but we are drawing closer to the 'end.'10.98%
No; nothing is any different today than it has ever been before. I believe the End Times are many years away.63.41%
I don't believe in any "Second Coming," therefore your poll question is irrelevant.4.88%

What is your general feeling of the condition of the church in America today?
I believe the church is stronger than ever, seeking to be more relevant and meet more peoples' needs.1.05%
I believe the church is the same as it has always been - no change in the recent past.1.05%
I believe the church has compromised some essential teaching, but is still basically sound.6.32%
I believe many churches have strayed from biblical foundations and many today are apostate.91.58%

Which of the following best describes your personal practice in witnessing for Christ?
I share my Christian faith at every opportunity.11.11%
I share my Christian faith whenever I am asked.8.33%
I share my Christian faith only when it is comfortable, with close friends and other Christians.8.33%
I am generally ashamed to talk about my Christian faith with others.72.22%

What is your attitude toward carnal entertainment, (i.e. television, movies, music) that not only is not Christian in nature, but actually mocks or degrades Christianity.
What one puts into their mind affects their lives and Christians must actively avoid such things.43.14%
Christians are under "grace" and therefore all things are permissible.1.96%
I have no problem separating the entertainment I enjoy and my Christian life; one does not affect the other.19.61%
No one should judge anyone else for their entertainment choices. It is none of their business.35.29%

What is your personal belief about Creation?
I believe God created the universe in seven literal days, just as the Bible states.52.11%
I believe God created the universe, but may have used evolution and taken millions of years.11.27%
I do not believe the Biblical account of creation, but do not know how the universe came to be.9.86%
I am a firm believer in evolution; everything evolved from nothing.26.76%

Do you, or someone in your household use prescription medications on a regular and ongoing basis?
Yes, one medication, every day.13.89%
Yes, several medications every day.55.56%
Yes, several times a week, but not daily.2.78%
No. No one in our home uses prescription drugs.27.78%

How do you feel about the books and movie series, "Twilight?"
"Twilight" is deceptive, dangerous and of the devil and leads people away from God. Christians have no business being involved in such things.76.19%
"Twilight" is just fantasy entertainment and is harmless. I am a Christian and a "Twilight" fan and it is just fine.

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