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We Are The 99% event

USuncutMN supports #occupyWallStreet, #occupyDC, the XL Pipeline resistance Yes, We, the People, are going to put democracy in all its forms up front and center. Open mic, diversity, nonviolent tactics .. Social media, economic democracy, repeal Citizen's United, single-payer healthcare, State Bank, Operation Feed the Homeless, anti-racism, homophobia, sexISM, war budgetting, lack of transparency, et al. Once we identify who we are and what we've lost, We can move forward.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Dossier: Fiat Money VIDEO

Toni Straka is an intelligent, moral man.  He is just a fantastic financial journalisto, of long standing.

If he says something is worthwhile, I PAY ATTENTION.

"Readers are urged to spend 2:44 minutes watching this video and help this go viral. It condenses everything the current unsustainable monetary system is all about. Fiat money is the silent economic war on the world." 
- Toni Straka

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