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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Repost: Michael Hudson - US Black Debt Hole

I am reposting this as it is time to keep what Dr. Hudson's analysis in full view. CONgress is back in session and the storm of fighting is about to take off again.

It will appear to be Obama versus the Republicans (backed up by Democratic Party support) - but the fight is much, much larger. It's the ability to maintain a middle class without everyone having to join the military to have money versus bank$ter$ and very infantile economics understanding.

The new excuse for Obama's failure to rein in the military over WAR CRIME is that he was afraid of a coup by the military. Personally, I cannot see anyway we are going to see one anyway as the military brass is not so stoopid as to NOT understand the effects of #austerity on the American population. The military has no interest in giving up basic American resources to foreigners.
Instead, the US plan has been to quietly and roughly, fold Canada into being the next neoliberal colony. Canada has been militarized exponentially.
Barry and Co. have trotted the globe trying to prop up the sagging dollar for over a year. They've taken over Canada behind the scenes for the resources there and driven Mexico into a hostage for drugs and Big Corporative rule. But they are far from having built-in stability.

Watch what is happening in the Eurozone which should have given Robert Rubin and his pathetic economic coup pause for thought! Banks are going to need recapitalization. We are headed swiftly toward #GFC2 (global financial/fiscal crisis 2) and there is not much to be done about it. Sueing 17 banks isn't going to "cut it."

The global fight back is ON. Egypt, Tunisia, (no, NOT Libya), Israel, Syria, Yemen, Greece, Spain, Bahrain, Ireland, the UK - the list is very long of those who aren't "having it" anymore. Merkel is about to be thrown out of office; she's lost her business base.

I could rabbit on about the military "culture" of America which is not an attractive portrait. Instead of creating China into the new monster to be fought after Osama bin Laden, we were given Libya - a country in which Chinese cooperation with Khaddafi was in full swing. Losing their resources, bought and paid for, in Libya is not going to make the Chinese leadership "happy." Talk about disequalibrium!

Anyway, I post this an important backgrounder. Bear what he is saying in mind. This is not "stale" - it's

simply the TRUTH.

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