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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chris Hedges at October2011 Occupy DC: The Corporate State is in Trouble

Chris Hedges at October2011 Occupy DC: The Corporate State is in Trouble

with Chris Hedges
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Oct. 7, 2011

Occupy DC
Image by Chris Wieland via Flickr
on Oct 6, 2011
Between Occupy Wall Street, in New York, and the other cities it’s spread to, as well as the October 2011 movement that just began here in D.C, something seems to be happening in this country. Earlier at Freedom Plaza Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author, tells us what this could lead to.

Chris Hedges: No way in US system to vote against banks

[Chris Hedges interviewed by a not-so-nice, name-calling person on CBC.]
Lang & O’Leary Exchange
Oct. 6, 2011

Interviewed by Amanda Lang and Kevin O’Leary.


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