USuncutMN says: Tax the corporations! Tax the rich! Stop the cuts, fight for social justice for all. Standing in solidarity with and other Uncutters worldwide. FIGHT for a Foreclosure Moratorium! Foreclosure = homelessness. Resist the American Legislative Exchange Council, Grover Norquist and Citizen's United. #Austerity for the wheeler dealers, NOT the people.

We Are The 99% event

USuncutMN supports #occupyWallStreet, #occupyDC, the XL Pipeline resistance Yes, We, the People, are going to put democracy in all its forms up front and center. Open mic, diversity, nonviolent tactics .. Social media, economic democracy, repeal Citizen's United, single-payer healthcare, State Bank, Operation Feed the Homeless, anti-racism, homophobia, sexISM, war budgetting, lack of transparency, et al. Once we identify who we are and what we've lost, We can move forward.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I clarify a few more things I may have forgot to mention or made a mistake during the first video. link: TRANSCRIPT: _________________ Greetings citizens of the world, I am TheAnonMessage. There's been some con flict, as always. Many people refuse to accept that Operation Invade Wall Street is a reality. Some say it is a COINTELPRO agent tactic to set the map for a false flag operation. I am here to say that I am the messenger. As the messenger, I cannot take sides. I am not supporting or opposing invade wall street, and it was wrong of me to say that the operation has been terminated. I am here to state the message. I am here to clarify that factions of Anonymous are going with the operation. Other factions are opposing it. A fellow Anon told me the easiest way not to get caught is to use TOR at a hot spot, whether it be a university or a library. Quote: monitoring web traffic on a place with hundreds of people is hard unless you get many people. this is a fool proof solution. End quote. He also provided me with a link to use and to spread. The link is provided in the description. I immediately follow this information with an important message. Do not use this tool if you are easily traceable, such as when using a house router or any other personal form of internet connection. Earlier today there was a short hack on N Y S E dot com. I am not authorized to reveal any other information other than that it was down for 30 minutes in a matter of seconds. Those who are going to be part of the attack have a message to the N Y S E: We hack you because we don't like you. We are all Anonymous. We are all one Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. N Y S E, expect those of us who plan to destroy you.

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