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We Are The 99% event

USuncutMN supports #occupyWallStreet, #occupyDC, the XL Pipeline resistance Yes, We, the People, are going to put democracy in all its forms up front and center. Open mic, diversity, nonviolent tactics .. Social media, economic democracy, repeal Citizen's United, single-payer healthcare, State Bank, Operation Feed the Homeless, anti-racism, homophobia, sexISM, war budgetting, lack of transparency, et al. Once we identify who we are and what we've lost, We can move forward.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


John foresaw what's happening today way back in 1992. The only way to control the political power of the baby boomers was to keep them in poverty. Recorded two weeks after Clinton's first presidential victory. Also covered - The Jonestown massacre was mass murder perpetrated by the government? the shadow government? to undermine the growth of political power blocs that they could not control (recall what happened recently to ACORN). An important lecture for anyone who is studying John's work or who is concerned about the very alarming situation we're in today. 

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